32. Air Force One Candy Bag

Have you ever see the news clips of the President and their kids, and they’re walking to Air Force One - and somehow, it seems like they’re always well behaved? Well, I’m about the spill the beans. Jelly beans!

The secret — is candy. And lots of it.  A couple of decades ago it was cigarettes — they were everywhere. You can even see the official Air Force One cigarettes over there, in the case, on the left. But Mrs. Reagan, she got rid of them. And her husband, President Reagan, loved his candy — especially jelly beans.

So they nixed the cigarettes but started making presidential candy — you can see it there, still in the shape of a cigarette box! So M&Ms… Hershey Kisses… candy on Air Force One, it’s just become a tradition.

See the blue bag in the case? That’s the official Air Force One… candy bag. So tell your kids — be good, and you’ll get a treat!

My kids, they grew up around Air Force One, and they were smaller - and I asked them, “What did you remember most about Air Force One?” And guess what they said? The candy bag.