31. Infirmary

Stand here — and peek inside the infirmary. Let’s hope you never need this room — but rest assured, if you do, you’ll be in good hands. You can’t really tell from here… but this is like a flying hospital. All managed by the White House Medical Unit - a department dedicated specifically to take of you.

There is always a doctor on board Air Force One. And this room — it’s not so much here in case you get sick on board (though that could happen). We’re more worried about you getting sick in a remote country. We’re not sending you to the local hospital. You’ve got your own medical team — the best of the best — and we’re taking care of you.

You have to understand: your health is now a matter of national security.

This infirmary’s equipped to handle almost any scenario. We can even quarantine and isolate the air supply in this room — in case of chemical attack or poison gas.

So don’t worry — if the unthinkable happens, we’ll take care of you.