3. A Military Operation

You should be standing near the black, armored Secret Service vehicle.

When the American President travels on Air Force One - the entire process is a military operation. The aircraft is under the command of the US Air Force.

But before the president even steps foot on Air Force One, an enormous logistical operation is underway.

The President leaves the White House, and generally, will board Marine One - the Presidential helicopter — and fly to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, where Air Force One awaits him.

Now at the same time, a massive C-141 Starlifter cargo plane is flying — in advance — to the President’s destination, loaded with specially designed, armored Secret Service vehicles like this one. Once the President lands, a motorcade of these vehicles escort him wherever he needs to go.

Now, our next stop is by the wing. So walk over there, to the wing — and stand by the engine nearest you. We’ll pick up the tour when you get there.