29. The Galley

This is the room many presidents might say is the most important room on board: the galley, or kitchen! We can’t go in right now because they’re busy prepping the next meal.

Let me tell you about the food on board. The food on board is more family-style, like a family-style restaurant - because guess what? Everybody pays for their meals. I charge everybody.

Very common, if we came out of Philadelphia to have Philadelphia subs. If we’re in the South or someplace where there’s barbeque, we’ll have barbeque. The President has the same menu but we have a list of things that he likes. Also, we get to know, does he have any allergies? Does he have any dislikes of anything? In all the five presidents I worked for, they were the least demanding on the airplane.

Now we’re going to walk forward. Listen to the next track when you’re ready.