28. Senior Staff Room

This is the Senior Staff Room.

There’s four first-class chairs. Those seats in the senior staff room, it’s not only senior staff - we looked at it as cabinet-level positions: Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense.

Lawrence Eagleburger was the Secretary of State, he also worked for Henry Kissinger during his shuttle diplomacy - and I extensively traveled with them so I knew him quite well. I knew what he drank, I knew what he’d eat, I knew everything that he liked. And I also knew that he wanted to smoke a cigarette. So when I get done with all the meal and I give him an after-dinner cocktail, I leaned over to him and I said, “Secretary of State, would you like a cigarette?” And he looked at me and he used vulgarity to me. This is the Secretary of State. Because I knew he knew he was dying for a cigarette. And I couldn’t have gotten away with that with anybody else, unless I knew them previously. He said, “Howie, you build me up - and you pull the rug right out from under me.”

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