21. President George H.W. Bush

This photo… this one makes me smile. Shows you that even the President gets scared sometimes. This is President George H.W. Bush looking like he’s trying to escape from the press corps in the back of the airplane.

The reporter on the right, the woman with the pen and paper:Helen Thomas - the bulldog of White House press correspondents. They also called her the “Dragon Lady”. They called her the Dragon Lady because she’d go for the throat. She covered the American presidency for 60 years — from John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush.  Fearless. No matter what you thought of her, she was unafraid to ask any question. And I just love this look on the President’s face — looks like he’s had enough for one day, and just wants to shut that door behind him.

I loved Helen Thomas. And she liked me. We used to have coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts in the morning. One thing I can tell you, they appreciated, she never asked any personal social questions. It was facts. It had to do with policy and what he was doing, always.

I hope you’re ready for the press! Now, let’s look at the next photo, of President Reagan.

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