20. President Bill Clinton

Here’s President Clinton in the Presidential Office of Air Force One - which you’ll see in just a few minutes.

Now when they initially customized Air Force One, they wired it up with just one sound system for the entire plane. Now President Clinton loved rock n’ roll, and when he played it — the whole plane had to listen to it.

Well, we all decided to do something about it. See the boombox there on the shelf? Well, we all went in and bought him that boombox. That way he could play his music  — and the whole aircraft wouldn’t have to listen to it. We never had a musician on board before. And this guy’s a musician and he loves not only rock n’ roll but all kinds of music - and he likes it loud, like me. When I walked into his room one time, he was playing loud rock n’ roll - he was playing “Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart” - and he looked at me, and he said, “Howie, is this too loud?” And I said, “Sir, I’ve been waiting for a guy like you to come along for a long time.” So they’re real people.

That’s what I remember when I see this photo. Now, when you’re ready, listen to the next track about President George H.W. Bush.