2. The Hope of the World

Stand here — and just look up at this extraordinary aircraft.

But let’s be clear about its purpose: Air Force One is responsible for transporting the American President, the man or woman freely chosen by the people, and doing it as safely and efficiently as possible.

That’s the mission of Air Force One.

But on a deeper level, this plane  — it represents hope. Sometimes people cry, just seeing it. And not only Americans! I’ve seen it firsthand so many times. In a real way, this plane symbolizes the goodness of America.

Another thing about this plane — it really changed international diplomacy. When the President traveled abroad to meet with foreign leaders, he wasn’t going alone anymore. With this plane, he was bringing the United States with him. It changed the presidency — and how we interact with the world.

When I look at Air Force One, I see… our democracy. Whatever your skin color, age, religion… you matter; you have dignity. And you shape our country through your vote.

This plane, it reminds us we're all part of something greater. Look up there. See those words, along the top? UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The key word there — united.

That font is the very same font used in the Declaration of Independence. Connecting this plane… to the very foundation of our democracy.

This isn’t just the President’s airplane… It belongs… to all of us.

Now listen closely. See the black security service vehicle? Engine revs. Walk over there, and look for the Audio Tour sign. I’ll meet you there.