19. President George W. Bush

This picture of President George W. Bush - I find it very moving. It’s actually a famous photo. Most people think this is him flying over New York after 9/11. It’s actually four years later — 2005, and he’s flying over New Orleans… after Hurricane Katrina. You wonder what he was thinking — looking down on such devastation. We had never seen anything like it before, a disaster like that. What a contrast to the previous photo, of President Obama.

But that’s life on board this plane — moments of peace, and normal life, interspersed with moments of enormous, and sometimes tragic, consequences.

The ability of any person to navigate a life like this, with these tremendous ups and downs, it’s amazing to me. It’s a testament to the incredible strength and character of the people who have been president.

Meet me at the next photo — of President Clinton - to hear the next track.