16. The Press Pool

The back of the aircraft, where you’re standing, this is reserved for the folks who keep the President accountable to the American people. Who am I talking about? The press.  

Every single flight the President goes on, there are member of the media here — and it’s their job to ask him hard questions — where he’s going… and why. Then they report it to the American people. This is another radical idea — we’re so used to it now, we take for granted. But think about it: can you imagine King George in England or King Louis XIII of France allowing members of the press

to travel with them in the royal carriage?

A free press — it’s another vital ingredient of our American system. Without it, the President might be a king!

Of course, the back cabin of the real Air Force One doesn’t look like this — it’s finished, of course. We even give them seats!

When you’re done here, there’s a short film on the screen behind you. Be sure and check it out. At the end of the film, you’ll notice a very handsome, charismatic figure.

After the film ends, we’ll begin the second half of our experience: Life Aboard Air Force One. You’ll feel what it’s like… to be President… on this aircraft.