15. Rear Cabin

We’re now standing in the rear of the aircraft. As I said before, it might feel like someone forgot to finish the airplane. But we left it like this on purpose, so you can see how the Boeing 747 is delivered once it’s constructed. It’s essentially a shell. And then the custom build begins — to turn this into the White House in the Sky.

But this gives us the chance to see some pretty cool things.

First, look up. See the cables by the ceiling, running front to back? Those are steering the plane.

Now - if you’re looking at the back of the plane, look up to the right. Have you ever wondered where the “black box” is? That device they use to track planes and their locations. Which device up there do you think is the black box? Well, I’ll give you a hint… it’s orange.

One other thing now. See the display case on the floor — with a single seat inside? This is a seat from the original Air Force One. You can read about some of the major historical events associated with this plane — and this seat — in the display case.