14. Jet: 1959

Look at the photo at the top of the panel. That’s the first presidential jet. You can see how different it looks — really uninspiring.

Well, Jackie Kennedy - and her husband, President John F. Kennedy - thought the look of the plane was very important. It was a symbol of the United States. It should be beautiful and meaningful.

They hired a French-born industrial designer - Raymond Loewy - to give the plane a makeover. You can see him in the black and white photo on the left. Loewy was one of the most famous designers in the world — they called him “the man who made the 20th century beautiful”.

The result: the iconic design we now see: “United States of America” in that bold Caslon font — the same font used in the Declaration of Independence. The two-toned blue and the brilliant white — majestic and inspiring even now, more than 50 years later.